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18A Westmount Park — where luxury meets exclusivity

Welcome to 18A Westmount Park Road in Toronto. This home is sleek and elegant, with all of the sophistication one could ask for in a home. Since many professionals no longer have time to escape to their vacation home or cottage as much as they would like to, this home is like a retreat away from home, right in the great City of Toronto.

Privacy like you’ve never seen

When driving down Westmount Park Road, you cannot actually see the house from the street, however you can see a laneway with a bronze “18A” affixed to the bark. Set back more than 200 feet from the street, this home has a level of privacy rarely seen in Toronto.

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Breathtaking views

Every inch of this home features breathtaking views of the lush ravine that surrounds it, making it feel like an oasis away from home.

18A Westmount Park Road-print-036-228-TOUR1038img 1040-2700x1800-300dpi

Kitchen masterpiece

With 12 foot soaring ceilings, an open concept main floor with a beautiful balcony overlooking the ravine just off the family room, the main floor hosts the kitchen which is ideally positioned within the home to be a functional space for the aspiring chef or for the weeknight family dinner. The kitchen features a waterfall island with custom leather-finished granite imported from Brazil with a moveable extra-thick walnut addition, top of the line appliances and exceptional amounts of storage, making the room both functional exceptionally beautiful.

18A Westmount Park Road-small-047-205-TOUR7766img 7768-666x444-72dpi

Outdoor space created for entertaining

With more than 7,000 sq. ft. of outdoor terraces, an indoor/outdoor sound system, an L-shaped pool and 17 foot swim spa, this home was created with entertaining in mind. Hang with your family on the weekends or host an amazing and memorable party —this home was built to accommodate whatever you have in mind.

18A Westmount Park Road-large-131-259-TOUR1275img 1277-1500x1000-72dpi

A Master retreat that is a true escape

This extremely spacious master bedroom is truly an escape from the world. It features a private terrace overlooking the ravine, an exquisite ensuite bathroom with custom bathtub and exceptional views for relaxing, and a dressing room built to impress.

18A Westmount Park Road-small-106-129-TOUR7979img 7981-666x444-72dpi

A ground floor with some WOW factor

With a built-in gym, infrared sauna with a built-in LCD screen, a cedar aromatherapy and massage room and more, the ground floor of 18A Westmount Park Rd is built for relaxing and entertaining alike. Featuring a guest room with ensuite bathroom, a kitchenette for entertaining and a walk-out family room that creates an indoor/outdoor space with custom suspended wine rack, this home is sure to impress and fulfill the needs of the modern active family.

18A Westmount Park Road-small-194-199-TOUR8290img 8292-666x444-72dpi

Dying to see more? Visit 18A Westmount Park on our website to learn more about this spectacular home today, or call our office to book your private tour.





The Spring Market is almost here – Why should you list and how?

The spring market is right around the corner, and if you’re thinking of listing your home, right now is the time to get started.

With April, May and June showing the highest historical averages of home sales in the GTA, that is the time to have your listing on the market. But why start now? Because listing your home right is a bit of a science.

TREB Toronto MLS Avg Resale Price 2013-2016

Not only are these months the busiest in Toronto real estate, but they are the spring months where homes command the best price. So if you’re looking to sell your home, now is the time to start.

Here are a few tips of how to get started:

Hire a Great Realtor

Interview several realtors and make sure they’re a good fit with what you’re trying to achieve with the sale of your home. We know a few if you don’t!

A realtor will be able to help you price your home and will be able to see your home as objectively as the buyers in the market: something you ought to consider if you’re looking to command the best price. Realtors will also help connect you with the best professionals in the marketplace to help you get your home market-ready. This doesn’t happen overnight, so start early if you’re looking to sell in the spring.

Get small repairs done around the house

You know the towel bar that fell off the wall a few months ago? Or the ding in the drywall from moving furniture? This is the time to fix all of these things. Larger repairs like a new roof or furnace can be negotiated with the sale price of the home, but smaller repairs can cost very little money and can make or break a sale.

Even if the repairs required on your property are insignificant in cost and effort, home buyers can be distracted from the value and beauty of your home and will focus on the small things – making them negotiate harder on price or walk away all together for a home that is in “move-in condition”.

Paint vibrant rooms in neutral tones

Bright yellow rooms might help you feel alive on dreary days, but when you’re listing your home, you’re trying to appeal to the masses. Many buyers have little vision and cannot picture themselves living in a space that is very customized to the taste of the homeowner. So paint it grey or another neutral tone and help the future buyer of your property feel right at home.

Consider hiring a stager

Stagers can make all the difference when it comes to selling your home. They are well-versed in what people like and how to make your space look as large and versatile as possible. Spending a few hundred dollars on a stager to command a few thousand more on your list price, or to sell your home more quickly, is a wise decision. This is one area where many people are penny-wise and pound foolish, so make your listing stand out and don’t fall into this trap.

Spring cleanup for curb appeal

Some buyers won’t even come into your home for a tour if the outside isn’t appealing to them. As the winter leaves us, make sure your home continues to look its best. This will increase the number of calls your agent gets off the for sale sign as well.

Hire a pressure washing company to wash the exterior of your home and your windows, sweep your driveway and plant a garden when the warmer weather is upon us. If your garage door or front door need a coat of paint, put one on. These are the small details that help future buyers picture their children playing outside and their families coming to visit their new home.


Distinctive Advisors is here to help you get the best price for your home in this busy spring market. With tight supply of Toronto homes, this is a great time to list. Contact us today to start getting your home ready for the spring market.

City of Toronto to Increase to Land Transfer Tax — Effective March 1, 2017

On February 15, 2017 the City of Toronto Council approved changes to the Toronto Land Transfer Tax that mean additional Land Transfer Tax (LTT) costs for some home buyers with a closing date on or after March 1, 2017.

The changes are:

  • Added an additional LTT of 0.5% of the value of a residential or non-residential property from $250,000 to $400,000 (an additional $750)
  • Added an additional LTT of 0.5% of the value of a residential property above $2 million
  • Added an additional LTT of 0.5% of the value above $400,000 of a non-residential property
  • Increasing the maximum allowed First-Time Home Buyer Rebate to $4,475, up from $3,725
  • Amended the first-time home buyer rebate program eligibility rules to restrict rebate eligibility to Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada

TREB Efforts Achieved Significant Concessions — First-Time Buyers Protected

Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) undertook a comprehensive campaign to oppose the proposed changes. As a result of these efforts, significant concessions were made to the proposals that went forward for City Council’s consideration as follows:

  • Under the original proposal, first-time buyers would have been forced to pay an additional $475 in Toronto LTT. However, TREB pushed for an increase in the rebate from $3,725 to $4,475, meaning first-time buyers will not face an increase.
  • Many first-time buyers would have lost eligibility for the first-time buyer rebate entirely, meaning a total LTT increase of $4,475. TREB pushed back and all first-time buyers will be eligible for a rebate.
  • As a result of TREB’s efforts, first-time home buyers will NOT see any change.

Do you have the full picture of how municipal and provincial land transfer tax impacts Toronto real estate? Click here to view the breakdown of land transfer tax for Toronto homeowners.

4 Design Tips to Impress your Guests

If you’re gearing up to entertain your family and friends in your home this season, now might be a good time to give certain rooms in your home a little facelift. With these easy tips, you can make your house a little bit more stylish just in time for company.


Layering different colours and patterns can give your room a very rich and homey feel. Eye-catching drapes, large plush rugs and bed linens that are both stylish and comfortable will make you excited to climb into bed at night, and proud to show off your room when company comes.

Rich Colours

Paint is a fast and easy way to breathe new life into a dated room. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, getting furniture re-upholstered is a great way to preserve nice pieces and incorporate custom “one-of-a-kind” focal points into your home.



Chandeliers are back in a big way. Changing out a standard light fixture for a fabulous chandelier is a fast way to add class and elegance to your space instantly. And the best part is that chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room: add one in your front hall or bathroom to give these spaces a high-end look.



Bathrooms and hallways can be decorating challenges, with limited wall space, awkward angles and little room to add your own personal touch. Use wallpaper to create visual interest and give these spaces a personality of their own.


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