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Proven success in the sale of commercial real estate landmarks

Commercial Offerings

Distinctive Advisors has a wealth of experience in the commercial real estate arena, with Broker of Record, Victoria Joly, having been directly involved in the sale of some of the most prominent commercial properties across Canada and around the world.

Our Distinctive Difference is not limited to the residential real estate side of the business, but applies wholeheartedly to the commercial real estate asset classes in the following ways:

Client Service

Client service is what we do best. Day or night, Distinctive Advisors will be happy to assist its clients in getting the information they need to make the best decisions possible and achieve their business and financial goals with their office, retail, industrial, multifamily residential and hotel properties.

Targeted Approach

Our targeted-buyer approach to marketing commercial properties does not typically involve casting a wide net followed by the “wait and see” tactic. We take a methodical and very targeted approach, mining our global investor database of active buyers.

Distinctive Advisors thinks outside the box to reach potential buyers who other brokerages might not think of. We persistently pursue each potential buyer to ensure they understand the potential fit of every property we market, and provide ongoing buyer support until the transaction meets a successfully closing. Our ability to discover and detail buyer buying capacity and historic transaction experience for our clients helps minimize transaction execution risk and consistently achieves the best overall value for them.

Curiosity to Commitment and Closing

Distinctive Advisors’ team functions like a well-oiled machine with our sales professionals executing a well-defined sales process that reliably generates predictable results.

We understand the impact of an advancement driven sales process and our proven ability to track and move qualified parties from “curiosity to commitment to closing” is our distinctive approach to every deal.

Project Packaging and Marketing

Our ability to package and market a project to the marketplace is unlike any other commercial real estate firm. Our marketing materials are so thorough, complete and appealing that it makes investor presentations pleasurable and ensures your property looks the best it possibly can to the marketplace.

Distinctive Advisors develops digital and direct marketing processes, supported by best-in-class digital and print marketing materials that showcase and maximize the brand identities of both the property and the seller.

Market Research

We know the market of commercial real estate in Toronto and around the world. Our team is equipped to really be an advisor to our clients to determine the best selling price, the best sales approach, as well as the right audience and timing to get the best price for your asset.

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