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Box’d, Toronto’s First Fully Automated Restaurant Launches Mid-Pandemic. Will This Be The Future of Restaurants?

As a result of Covid-19’s social distancing restraints, the food industry has been forced to implement innovative efficiencies in their production and reopening which adhere to society’s current food safety fears.

Mohamed Fakih, owner of Paramount Fine Foods, opened Box’d, Toronto’s first fully automated restaurant adapting to the current changes that we are facing due to Covid-19.  “Being fully automated means Box’d can offer Canadians a new and exciting ‘smart’ way to experience eating out safely,” said Ahmed Daify , Box’d franchisee.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many Torontonians chose to cook their meals at home, but as the restrictions ease and more businesses open people are looking forward to eating out. We understand that people may still be a little wary of public places, so we have created a dining option that is fast, efficient, and safe,” Said Mohamad Fakih, owner of Box’d.

How it works:

You order your meal through their website, or using their in-house digital kiosk, and once it is ready, you pick it up from separated sanitized cubbies. When your order is ready, your name and cubby number will pop up on the screen indicating where to retrieve your meal. All one has to do is double tap their cubby and their meal will be sitting there, packed and ready to devour.

“The state-of-the-art technology used throughout Box’d will revolutionize and transform how consumers experience dining on-the-go and will help our guests feel safe…With one chef per meal, all meals are sealed and delivered to sanitized, individual cubbies which simplifies the process and keeps cleanliness and safety top of mind,” said Chef Tomer Markovitz.

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