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Real Estate Investment

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Real Estate Investment

The Distinctive Advisors team believes that and has been uniquely designed to bring together the skills required to serve our clients fully including:

  • Direct real estate investment;
  • Mortgage brokerage;
  • Project management; and
  • Marketing

Real estate holdings can be attractive investments as part of a well-rounded portfolio, for both the individuals looking for a foreseeable asset value appreciation or large organizations looking to diversify their portfolio. Distinctive Advisors works with investors of all investment appetites, relying on our combined skills and expertise to:

  • Determine what type of real estate venture will help achieve the investor’s goals;
  • Source properties that are a strong match to the investor’s objectives for income sustainability as well as value appreciation;
  • Advise on the arrangement of desirable financing on the property, as required;
  • Maximize value but minimize costs amongst legal representation and other brokers to ensure a smooth transaction execution;
  • Facilitate the vision of the project after closing including:
    • Construction financing options and arrangements;
    • Property and project management;
    • Marketing and sales support throughout the project or development horizon.

Some areas of specialty include:

Foreign Investment

Our team has a global perspective on doing business in many countries around the world, allowing us to help investors find the most effective path to bringing their capital to Canada. We can help navigate corporate structuring, legal, operational and financial barriers that might prove to be a grey area for many real estate professionals and help our investors familiarize themselves with doing business in Canada.

Real Estate Development

We are real estate professionals with vision and specialize in locating exceptional sites for unique developments. If you are looking to acquire and develop real estate in Canada our team has expertise in all aspects from site selection to pre-sale condo marketing to retail leasing. If you are looking to work with a dynamic team who can give you a well-rounded perspective to make sure you are developing real estate that will meet your investment objectives, Distinctive Advisors will not disappoint.

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